12 ways to support Biometric Products Info

There are plenty of ways you can help Biometric Products Info.
  1. Subscribe to Biometric Products Info. If you use to visit this site and find it useful, there is a more convenient way. You can subscribe to BiometricProducts.Info feed using a RSS reader so that whenever there is a new product profile registered, you will find out right away.
  2. Suggest an improvement. We are trying to make Biometric Products Info the best reference service to find information about biometric products, but it could always be better. We would love to hear any suggestions you have on how we can improve it. Send your feedback!
  3. Share a product. If you find an interesting product you can share it using Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit.
  4. Link to us. If you have a website, put a link to BiometricProducts.Info.
  5. Leave a review or comment on a product profile. Your reviews and comments may help other users in their decision making.
  6. Blog about the service or a product. Was there a product you found interesting, or just want to let people know about it, make an entry about it in your blog.
  7. Tell your friends. Let all your friends know about Biometric Products Info. Email them. Post a link in the forums you’re a member of.
  8. Wikipedia. Biometric Products Info makes a great resource for Wikipedia articles and references. Add a link if you think something is appropriate.
  9. Find us a sponsor. Do you know an organization, company, or someone who would like to sponsor Biometric Products Info? Please let them know.
  10. Donate. Even a small donation can help us maintain and enhance this service. Please donate!
  11. Become a member of Swedish National Biometric Association
  12. Any other ideas? let us know how you think people could support the service.

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