How to Submit a Biometric Product Information Profile

Biometric Products Info is essentially a collection of Product Information Profiles that each contains a number of information attributes about a product. A user can search this site to find products in 5 different ways.

Who can submit a Product Information Profile

A product’s vendor (or anyone the vendor designates for the task) can submit Product Information Profiles; this is to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability of each Product Information Profile.

How to submit a Product Information Profile

  1. Biometric Products Info uses as the publishing platform. For becoming an author (contributor) you must have an account with which is free (register a free wordpress account, takes about 20 seconds)
  2. Fill out the form below and submit. Upon reception and verification, we send you an invite to become an author.

  3. Once you are enrolled as an author (contributor) and logged in you may start submitting product information profiles. Please note that your entry must comply with the policies and guidelines of Biometric Products Info, see below.

Policies and guidelines

  • Your submission must comply with the Product Information Profile Guidelines. This is to ensure that the format and style of each profile is kept uniformed.
  • The easiest and best way to publish your first submission is to copy and modify an existing Product Information Profile. You do this by “Copy a post” which is under Dashboard as a menu item. To speed up your following submissions you can then copy and modify any of your existing Product Information Profiles.
  • Please note: You may not add/remove/modify existing categories and tags. Adding a company name as a tag is limited to members of the Swedish National Biometric Association (Become a member). If you don’t find a particular category item that would be appropriate to describe both your and other vendors’ products you can send it as suggestion to us for consideration as addition to the existing ones.
  • As the author to the Product Information Profiles that you have submitted you can at any time update or remove them.

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