Jonas Andersson, Principal, A&A Marine Vision AB (prev. with Precise Biometrics AB)

Jonas Andersson, Principal, A&A Marine Vision AB (prev. with Precise Biometrics AB)

Jonas Andersson, Principal, A&A Marine Vision AB (prev. with Precise Biometrics AB)

From a technical training and initial employment in a specialized R&D unit at Ericsson Jonas Andersson has moved to new business development and specifically the development of business opportunities based on new technologies.

He has successfully created new business and markets using disruptive technology, applying it with a service orientation, rather than product, identifying and penetrating application markets with sustainable volume and economic advantage. He creates an eco-system with clients, partners and influencers to secure a viable long term market and a profitable position for my company.

He communicates equally well with industry technical experts, top management and government officials; with customers, influencers and partners. Jonas Andersson is an established speaker at all relevant venues worldwide.

His strength comes from technical knowledge associated with organizational and strategic experience as well as commercial realism, which allows him to be effective in complex international, networked markets, as proven by his track record at Dresser Wayne, Schlumberger, Sonera and Precise Biometrics. Jonas Andersson is now working as consultant and is an independent member of Eurosmart.


One of his earlier assignments was related to petrol station vapour recovery. Jonas Andersson introduced this new environmental technology to the Swedish market and in that process organized operations, product range and partnership program, as well as distribution and service network for Svenska Healy AB, distributor for Healy Inc. US.

Working in the Schlumberger Group Jonas Andersson introduced radio networked parking pay and display machines and bundled this new feature with value added services such as distance maintenance contracts, burglary alarm services and optimized management of the parking system, in order to concretize the value add of the new technology.

In smart cards he introduced and developed the business for the first dual interface smart card, the EasyFlex, in the world’s first volume application for this technology. This first application was deployed in Curitiba, Brazil, where the technology is still used for their city card and bus ticketing. The challenge was to offset the rather expensive electronics by identifying multiple and synergistic applications for the card. Utilizing the memory size and the security to share the hardware, personalization and distribution cost for the card between applications. In the same industry Jonas Andersson introduced the Swatch access RFID watch as bearer of electronic bus ticketing in Finland. Here the objective was to separate the distribution of the ticketing media from the value of the ticket. The benefit for the bus operators was that the cost of the media now was naturally, and willingly, borne by the traveler, something which is not acceptable normally in a transportation environment.

At Sonera Jonas Andersson developed a complete system for third party sales and on-train validation of transport tickets using mobile phones, fulfilling the UIC international railway standard for same, a standard developed at that time by a working group where he participated as lead consultant.

In creating this world first integrated ticketing system using mobile phones for the purchase as well as for the ticketing media, and providing for both automated check in and on board control of the ticket, he combined on-line and off-line technologies to provide a seamless experience for the end user. The system was successfully trialed for nine months at Eurostar between London and Paris.

Finally at Precise Biometrics AB (PBAB) Jonas Andersson has developed the market for Match on Card (MOC) fingerprint biometrics and participated in the development of standards suitable for their products as well as integration of specifications in National ID Card procurement documents fulfilled by PBAB products. At this time PBAB is the leader in MOC worldwide and the specifications for smart ID card procurement issued in the world at this time all contain MOC as either a requirement or an option. In this process Jonas Andersson has established relationships with smart card manufacturers and systems integrators as well as participated directly in the bidding for the projects in Thailand, Qatar, Portugal and Venezuela, all won.

The challenges have been both to establish partnerships with smart card vendors and chip manufacturers based on the differentiation and commercial advantage they can achieve through the integration of PBAB technology in their products, and to create demand in the market for the advantages of MOC technology. Jonas Andersson has identified the markets with interesting volume potential and developing smart card sales and put the efforts there. The work has been missionary, convincing decision makers and influencers of the reality of the technical proposal and the advantages that can be achieved. Discussions have been managed at all levels, political, academic, industrial, standards bodies and commercial.

Throughout his career Jonas Andersson has studied every new industry to gain a full technical understanding of the proposal as well as to understand the business logic, the different actors, relationships and driving forces.


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