Catherine J. Tilton, CBP, VP, Standards & Emerging Technologies, Daon

Catherine J. Tilton, CBP VP, Standards & Emerging Technologies, Daon

Catherine J. Tilton, CBP VP, Standards & Emerging Technologies, Daon

Mrs. Tilton is the VP for Standards & Emerging Technologies at Daon, a leading provider of identity assurance software products focused on meeting the needs of governments and commercial organizations worldwide.

Cathy has over 25 years of engineering and management experience, including over 17 years in the biometrics industry. She has lead or been involved in the design, development, and deployment of numerous biometric systems in both the commercial and government domains.  These include the US-VISIT program, the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), US Registered Traveler and in a previous life, FBI IAFIS.  Past work also included several contracts prototyping the use of biometrics with smartcards and a number of international projects.  Most recently, she has been involved in the Unique Identity (UID) project in India.

She is very active in the development of national and international biometric standards, currently serving as the US head of delegation to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 subcommittee on biometrics.  She also chairs the BioAPI Consortium, is an officer of the International Committee on Information Technology Standards (INCITS) M1 technical committee on biometrics, and chairs the Biometric Identity Assurance Services (BIAS) Integration technical committee at OASIS.

She has a BS in nuclear engineering from Mississippi State and an MS in systems engineering from Virginia Tech.  She is also an IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional (CBP).


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