Expert Advisory Panel

Biometric Products Info supports the purpose of Swedish National Biometric Association which is to bring the market and the industry closer together. In order to optimize and maintain the quality and performance of mission and dissemination of Biometric Products Info an international and voluntary panel of experts will be asked for advisory to Swedish National Biometric Association. The primary role of the panel is:
  • Initial and ongoing review and opinion on the structure and attributes of the Biometric Product Info Profile and other core features of Biometric Products Info for reasons such as modification or expansion to better fit the market and industry needs
  • Where appropriate, disseminate Biometric Products Info to relevant organizations, groups, and individuals

The Panel

Dr. Ben Bavarian, CEO, AFIS and Biometrics Consulting Inc.
C. Maxine Most (“max”), Founder and Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence
Catherine J. Tilton, CBP, VP, Standards & Emerging Technologies, Daon
Magnus Svenningson, Managing Director, Speed Identity AB
Jonas Andersson, Principal, A&A Marine Vision AB (prev. with Precise Biometrics AB)


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