HandNet® for Windows by Ingersoll-Rand Security Technologies

Product name:

HandNet® for Windows

Product version:


Product type:

Middleware, Biometrics Performance Monitoring

Biometric modality/type:

Hand Geometry

Biometric sample acquisition sensor type:

Supported products: HK-2-F3, ID3D-R / RW

Intended applications:

  • Physical Access Control
  • Time and Attendance
  • Vendor specified: Manufacturing, Grocery, Healthcare, Hospitality, Restaurants, Retail

Product description:

HandNet for Windows is a user-friendly interface that lets you control and monitor a network of HandKey readers simply and easily. With just one comprehensive program you can monitor activity and alarms on all readers, and control the access of each user.
  • Automatic hand template management allows template distribution from the HandKey used for enrollment to other HandKey devices, eliminating the need for a user to be enrolled at every device.
  • Independent door control capability with no need for access control panel.
  • Monitor multiple remote sites right from your desktop PC.
  • Remote enrollment enables new users to be enrolled without physically going to the HandKey.
  • Assign temporary access to selected users by specifying a user’s start and stop days and times.
  • Manage archive activity to keep old information available for reports.
  • Manage alarms for additional security.

List of applied/complied/received standards, certification programs, awards, or conducted independent testing, monitoring, reporting, and reviews:

  • Supported Communications: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Modem RS232, RS485, Ethernet

Availability of Return on Investment (ROI) analysis and calculator:


Selected list of use cases and customers:


Ingersoll-Rand Security Technologies

Company business type/role:

Sensor manufacturer, Algorithm developer, Device manufacturer

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LinkedIn , News , Youtube Channel

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