SMUFS, Secure Mobile Universal Fingerprint Scanner, is a compact, self-powered, standalone fingerprint, scanner, capable of running over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB interfaces. It turns your peripherals into precise, sufficient and secured biometric POB, which one can use anywhere. The device can be extensively used in remote areas where access to computers/laptops and internet is limited. SMUFS is suitable for demanding 1:N identification challenges on the field through biometric server over GPRS network. SMUFS handles tasks from standalone identity to large scale AFIS requirements. SMUFS can also work with regular computers and laptops over the USB port.

SMUFS  fingerprint scanner is suitable for the following application areas:

  • Mobile law enforcement
  • Border Control
  • Hospitals and health Centers
  • Paperless ID
  • Remote workforce attendance
  • Access Control
  • Forensics
  • Governmental & UN food and healthcare distribution
  • Disaster scene management
  • Insurance and finance


FingerCell EDK by Neurotechnology


Product name:

  • FingerCell EDK

Product version:

  • FingerCell 2.1 Embedded Development Kit

Product type:

  • Algorithm
  • Mobile

Biometric modality/type:

  • Fingerprint

Intended applications / markets:

  • Logical Access Control / Data or device access / Data security
  • Mobile ID
  • Physical Access Control
  • Time and Attendance
  • Other

Product description:

The FingerCell technology, developed on the VeriFinger basis, is designed for embedded biometric systems developers. FingerCell algorithm is compact, sensor-independent and cross-platform. It offers decent reliability and identification speed for various mobile or embedded devices.

FingerCell is available for integrators as Embedded Development Kits (EDK) with FingerCell library or source code for developing a fast and reliable system on embedded or mobile platform.

List of applied/complied/received standards, certification programs, awards, or conducted independent testing, monitoring, reporting, and reviews:

  • Reliability proven at FVC2004

Selected list of use cases and customers:

Currently more than 2,500 security system integrators in more than 100 countries use our products, including a number of basic computer hardware and fingerprint sensor providers. Below are presented case studies that show how our biometric technology was integrated into customers’ products, Solution Partner products based on our biometric technology and a list of scientific papers that present researches and experiments, performed using our technology:

Neurotechnology Customers


  • Neurotechnology

Company business type/role:

  • Algorithm developer

Selected list of partners/resellers/distributors:

Solution Partner products
Distributors and Representatives

Company website:

Product website:

Social Media channels:


Product case studies, trial and brochure download:

FingerCell EDK brochure
Algorithm demo
30 day trial version
Case studies

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