Bion Biometrics Performance Toolkit (Bion BPT) by Bion Biometrics

Bion BPT by Bion Biometrics Inc.001Product name:

Bion Biometrics Performance Toolkit (Bion BPT)

Product version:


Product type:

Operational Monitoring

Biometric modality/type:

Biometric Modality Agnostic/Independent

Biometric sample acquisition sensor type:

Sensor Agnostic/Independent

Intended applications:

  • Border management/Maritime/Ports/Civil ID
  • Consumer ID
  • Criminal ID/Law Enforcement
  • Data access/security
  • Device access
  • Document issuance/Civil ID
  • Employment background checks/Civil ID
  • Logical Access Control/Data or device access/Data security
  • Military ID
  • Physical Access Control
  • Time & Attendance
  • Voter registration/Civil ID

Product description:

Summary of Benefits for Multi-Site Biometric Deployments

Many large scale biometric systems with multiple enrolment and verification sites are currently being deployed for automated border control, expedited traveller processing and biometric visa issuance. Agencies deploying these systems typically try and procure an accurate biometric solution from a well established provider and then may even test the solution during the procurement phase or as part of a trial during initial deployment. Occasionally, the agency will hire consultants and spend a significant amount of time and energy to try and measure the performance of the system during normal deployed operations. This type of operational testing is helpful, but it only gives a snapshot of the system’s performance at a moment in time.

Bion BPT is a framework consisting of an application, a database and an intelligent report generation tool which reside on a server and are interfaced with the data acquisition and biometric algorithms associated with the system being tested. BPT then provides a simple GUI which a manager who is not an expert in biometric testing can use to indicate the components of the system which they are interested in (different sites, different demographic groups, different date ranges, etc.). The BPT software stores either all or a certain percentage of data from individuals using the system in its internal database and once a test is selected, it replays suitable subsets of that data to generate full biometric performance metrics, including failure to enroll, failure to acquire, generalized false accept rate and generalized false reject rate. It then generates Excel spreadsheets with detailed data and a full report in Word with summaries of relevant performance metrics from every enrolment and verification site and, if sufficient data is present, from every individual biometric appliance. All of this is done automatically and the finished report contains simple summaries that can be reviewed by managers to understand the system’s performance and to identify any problem areas.

Bion BPT can be configured to automatically generate a report every week or month so that performance trends can be measured and any sites with unusual performance can be identified. This is vital for ongoing management and maintenance of a system since there are many factors which can cause performance of an individual site or an individual appliance to change and if these are not identified in time, it can cause both degraded user experience (through increased FTE, FTA or GFRR) or, in the worst case, degraded security (through increased GFAR). Such problems can be caused by infrastructure changes (new duty free shop in an airport causing illumination problems for iris or facial cameras for instance), environmental changes (start of monsoon season for a visa enrolment centre in India, when all fingers presented to the fingerprint sensors will be much more moist than normal), degradation of equipment over time (all illumination sources in all biometric systems have an illumination output which varies over their lifetime and performance is degraded long before failure occurs) or even from changes in staff. Only BPT allows the performance issues caused by all of these problems and any others to be identified as soon as they occur so that the situation can be addressed before significant degradation in security or convenience occurs, BPT can also show how match thresholds should be set to achieve particular performance goals, even if the match threshold needs to be different at different sites because of specific issues at each site. Normal manual testing at this level is both exceptionally costly (due to the large number of consultants required) and, for very large systems, unsustainable as the amount of data to be processed becomes too great. By making all steps of the process from test design to writing the report automatic, BPT is the only solution that allows true ongoing monitoring of large scale, multi-site biometric systems.

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New Zealand Customs Service


Bion Biometrics Inc.

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Operational Monitoring tool provider and consultant

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