About Swedish National Biometric Association

Sweden established Scandanavia’s first biometric association, the Swedish National Biometric Association (SNBA) in July 2004. The initiative to form Swedish National Biometric Association (non-profit organisation) on July 1, 2004 was taken by the municipality of Karlskrona, Karlskrona Innovation Center, Optimum Biometric Labs AB and Blekinge Institute of Technology.


To develop into the Swedish focal point for biometrics. One of the main purposes of the SNBA was to allow a meeting place for knowledge exchange relating to Biometrics.

The association’s purpose is:
  • To strengthen the national knowledge of biometrics and
  • To create a meeting place for the exchange of biometric knowledge, news, development and commercial applications.
  • The association shall contribute to diminish the distance between the biometric industry and their end user.
  • It will also work towards the arrival and usage of international standards.
  • SNBA creates a meeting place that is open for companies, organisations and private persons.
The board was elected on the annual general meeting held 1st of July 2004. Swedish National Biometric Association is governed by its statutes, which was established on the constituent meeting 2004-07-01.
Download statues SNBA_statues

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