About Biometric Products Info

Biometric Products Info is a free and not-for-profit service provided by Swedish National Biometric Association. It was founded based on an initiative from Swedish National Biometric Association and its co-founding member Optimum Biometric Labs. The service is completely free to access and use and for vendors, or anyone they designate, to register information on products.


The primary task of Biometric Products Info is to assist customers in their planning and procurement decisions by serving as a knowledge base and reference about biometrics related products in an evolving market. The service aims to organize essential product information in a format it has established called Product Information Profile.

Why use the service

Biometric Products Info intends to give answer to questions such as:

  1. What products are available within a certain product category?
  2. What products are available for a certain biometric feature(s)?
  3. What products are available based on the biometric sample acquisition sensor type?
  4. What products are specialized for a certain application?
  5. What diverse types of independent tests, reports, and reviews have been conducted on a certain product?
  6. Which international or national standards does a certain product comply with?
  7. What certifications or awards have been granted to a certain product?
  8. Does the vendor provide Return on Investment (ROI) analysis or calculator for a certain product?
  9. What are the projects and use cases in which a certain product has been successfully deployed and maintained?

For Who

Biometric Products Info is intended primarily for biometrics end-users and customers but can also be used by everyone with any interest in biometrics and biometric products.

By Who

Biometric Products Info grows based on product registrations by the vendors or anyone they designate for this task. Learn how to submit a Biometric Product Information Profile.

How it works

Biometric Products Info is essentially a collection of Product Information Profiles that each contains a product’s name, description, type, modality, intended applications, ROI-analysis, reference-case examples, applied standards, received certifications or awards, and diverse vendor information such as social media channels, product demo and videos, and more. For users there are 5 ways to search the service to find products.


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