About Babak Goudarzi Pour, Creator of Biometric Products info

Babak Goudarzi Pour (Chairman, Swedish National Biometric Association) is a visionary with a creative mind.

He found that:

  • Biometric products have reached higher levels of maturity in terms of adoptions and applied standards.
  • Information about biometric products are scattered around the web (e.g. vendors’ own sites).
  • Existing sites who display information about biometric products are not complete nor have an organized structure with uniform and comprehensive detail level and proper attributes, from a buyer’s viewpoint, about biometric products.
  • Experts, enthusiasts, users, customers do not have a common place to leave their reviews and comments about a certain product (e.g. Amazon’s customer review and feedback) or share information about a certain product with their friends and colleagues using popular social media channels.

He did not find:

  • Any dedicated place for the market that works as reference to biometric products and addresses the above points.

Thus he designed Biometric Products Info to help:

Babak Goudarzi Pour, Chairman, Swedish National Biometric Association

Babak Goudarzi Pour, Chairman, Swedish National Biometric Association

Babak Goudarzi Pour is co-founder and CEO of Optimum Biometric Labs and Chairman of Swedish National Biometric Association. He also represents Sweden as a technical expert in the biometric working group ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 Biometrics. He can be contacted by email, skype (random_precision), LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, phone (+1 714 609 4815 when in US. and +46 707 404 623 when in Sweden and Europe).


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